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Lasting has been a lifesaver. My partner and I love comparing each other's answers. This app has brought our relationship closer together.
Lasting has helped my partner and I immensely. Right off the bat, it opened lines of communication about long-dormant issues that needed to be addressed and guided us through the conversations.
We're learning how to be better spouses. Each session helps us discover a little bit more about ourselves.
My husband and I just started using this app and already our communication is improving!
We noticed immediate change and can't wait to see where it takes us.
We are learning about each other, growing and communicating! I feel so happy and optimistic, and it's fun and reflective too!
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Start Lasting Today

Studies show that, on average, couples wait six years to seek therapy after first noticing a problem. Build a healthier, happier relationship today with Lasting.

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